Boxing Star Fighting Tricks for Beginners

Hey guys! Here is my few tips on Boxing Star game where you can learn some great tricks on how to win your fight, I hope you will enjoy it!

Finger Punching

Become a star in the league and one of the highest-paid boxers, in the virtual boxing world. Start off as a regular amateur boxer, trying to earn some money by defeating people in the streets. Every single competition out there is an opportunity, to show your skills and attract attention of good managers. Control with simple finger movements the whole body of a fighter, which will be fully customized by you.
Make sure no opponent stands by the end of the fight, knocking them down by giving punches in the most sensible zones, eliminating all the health points they still have. That’s what Boxing Star is all about.

Boxing Star Logo

Endless Upgrades

In order to enter the hall of fame for fighters, one should train very hard. It’s necessary to dedicate some time off the fights, improving skills and special attributes that will help in the next competition. More important, great gears are available to make the fights much more interesting. The stars can use a lot of items to enhance their attributes, and even make their opponents tremble with the possibility of a K.O. It’s always possible to get better, with an upgrade.

A Strong Career

Boxing Star GrandmaThis online game has a story mode, which puts the player in an alternative reality, where his or her character is like a real person. Starting from the bottom, without money and a fighting talent, one should face the most varied opponents, climb up to the most difficult leagues and then become a famous boxer.
Make sure the name of your fighter becomes known to the entire world, by getting success in all the fights of the story mode, against online NPC characters which are specially built to be relentless. They are all programmed to do their best to become a champion in Boxing Star.

The Looks of a Fighter

In the boxing ring, a fighter is not very much worried about appearance. With blood and new future scars, what the public is looking for is a good combat. However, with all the money to get from victories, one could dream with an awesome and stylish look out of the ring. Customize your fighter so that it becomes famous not only for its fighting abilities, but also for the good taste, with expensive clothes and jewelry. Transfer your own style to your character and feel like you are a star.
Besides the fighter, customize the house and buy expensive cars, which could be fully personalized. That way, the game is never boring, as one can take a break from fights to explore other modes.

Fight Online

Differently from old CD games, when you purchase an online fighting game there are thousands of other people also trying to become champions. Fight them all in the online mode, finding those that are within your current strengths to challenge.
People from countries worldwide will be expecting good players to challenge them. Get in the League Mode and start choosing your next opponents, whenever you feel ready. Power up and don’t let possible failures destroy your dream. It’s always possible to use Boxing Star hack and challenge the very same players once again.

Full Control

Boxing Star iconNo matter how experienced and trainer the character is, it’s always within the control of the person with the mobile device. Understand the instructions and the best moment to push each button. It’s normal to be stuck at the beginning, trying to figure out how they work. Once you are familiar with the controls, don’t disappoint your fighter. Make sure to defend and block the hits whenever the opponent is ready to do them, in order to save health points. On the other hand, make sure to push the punching button, depending on the best angle to attack.
Understanding these basic concepts, you are ready to fight either computer-controlled characters or real players from all around the world. Collect points, earn bonuses and buy stuff to impress friends with all your game power. Download Boxing Star right now and begin your fighting career within hours of pure entertainment and completely free.