Starside Celebrity Resort Overview by Trellis Club

Every once in a way, a new game catches the eyes of the public. This game is played and if it is perceived to be good enough, leads to much excitement on the part of the people usually across the globe. Then this game will eventually be cracked and links to the hack will flow!

Starside celebrity resort is one game that has certainly gained that attention of many onlookers. It is currently up by more than a million votes and is considered to be a game on the rise pretty fast. This has led to this game gathering a lot of followers over time and it is slowly slowing rising to the top.

This game is produced and is also edited by Tapps Games and is widely considered to be one of their most creative game.  The plot of this game is quite unique. In the game, you are in charge of a resort which is old and simple, abandoned and its more fanciful days a distant memory. Your job will be to renovate this resort into one of the best resorts around. Sounds easy right? We all wish it was that easy.

As with all games that are stimulated and quite addictive, this game offers an opportunity to pay the very things that keep this game going-coins. It is important to understand that these coins are not physical coins but virtual ones which can be only be accessed in the game itself.

As the owner of the resort, you would be helped by someone who the game provides as your assistant. Her name is Veronica Stern. This will help accomplish some of the following goals;

  • Having new hotel facilities which would serve to attract more people to your resort and hopefully more celebrities!
  • You can customize your resort to look exactly how you want it to. This could give your resort a totally different look.

Starside - Restore the whole island

However, with all these awesome features, this game was surely going to be hacked and yes there have been sites who claim to have the starside celebrity hacked version of the game. What does this version enable its users to do? Some of its features include;

  • You have to get more coins than you could be. You are even allowed unlimited coins in some version of the hack
  • The hack has been said to be tested and verified to work across all platforms of phone operating system.
  • Due to the anti-ban feature, you have very little or no chance of being banned because you are protected by this feature
  • This customized form of this game allows the game to be used easily for anyone who is interested in playing the game no matter the age of the person.

Starside Search for Amzing Prizes

It remains to be seen how this hack plays out on all platforms and phone devices but the truth is if you are craving to play this game without the issue of buying virtual coins and other resources on the game, it wouldn’t hurt to check out starside hack then.

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