Assemble Your Squad

Marvel Strike Force: recruit the best characters

You will have the opportunity to mount a team of five characters from different classes whose abilities complement each other by playing Marvel Strike Force. Of course, there is no surefire recipe for forming the “best team” because to date, the group that is intrinsically better than others does not exist yet.

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What is possible, however, is to carefully choose the characters to keep only the brightest of their class. To do this, here is a selection of the best characters among the heroes and super villains, to allow you to compose a team of strike force!

The ideal slugger is Gamora!

GamoraPreceded by her reputation as the most dangerous Woman of the Universe in comics, she can chase strokes while reloading her speed bar. Her Assassin Attack can shoot down an enemy. Passive attacks of Gamora also cause critical damage and make it a complete character.

Another hedge to engage: Elektra. More subtle than other Blasters, she can enter stealth mode to avoid enemy charges. In addition, her attack “Lethal Strike” can cause a devastating K.O in one shot.

Which shooter choose? Thor first

ThorEven if it takes time to unlock it, it is well worth it. His “Lightning attack” allows you to knock out all your enemies while inflicting maximum damage, while a single “Hammer Throw” strike can affect all members of the opposing team. All combined with a liability that causes enormous damage, Thor is simply the best representation of the Shooter!

This position will also be favored by the Punisher. Probably the best shooter at the start of the game since it’s easy enough to unlock. All of his attacks are capable of inflicting massive damage on multiple targets.

Luke Cage is THE ultimate protector!

Luke CageNobody protects your teammates as well as the hero of Harlem, which is particularly important during the missions where the objective is to prevent a character from being knocked out. Moreover, his attack “Provocation” allows him to regenerate while that the “Unbreakable” blow reinforces the protection of his teammates and increases his chances of becoming immortal. And that’s not to mention the extent of damage it can cause, even on a tank!

Keep Hulk for the rest. Difficult to unlock if you are not using Marvel Strike Force hack, knowing that to get the Shards of this particular character will accumulate successes. While not as provocative as Cage, Hulk is simply fun with his self-healing “Bond” ability and attacks that become even more powerful when he is 50% injured.

Engage Black Widow as a Manipulator

Black WidowIf you want to play more aggressively, Black Widow will be a smart choice. Super fast, its Sabotage attack can steal the beneficial effects of its opponents and the ability “Widow bite” can both stun the main target and cause bleeding of its secondary opponents.

Claire Temple is an indispensable support

YonduIndisputably the best healer of Marvel Strike Force. Claire Temple has both the ability to heal an individual target and a whole group in addition to having passive methods to restore the HP of her ally who needs it most. In addition, her basic attack is far from negligible.

Also think about Yondu. Quite original in his supporting role since he is not even a healer, which does not stop him from being great. Its “Yaka Arrow” ability is a great AoE (effect area) attack that cannot be dodged, while the “Attack” move can summon Pests to become your allies and basic attacks should not be underestimated!

Its enough for today, let be few days to write another great review about other mobile game that I already have on my list 🙂