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To play at cards with live opponents, and no longer need to download and install any client gaming program or browser plug-ins like flash, java or silverlight. Also, do not worry about the proxy settings and firewall. Just log in through Google or Facebook account and ENTER the game room.


Rating Top-10. Preferance

Шнайдт 320,519
maradona57 313,298
pele57 310,584
Тарас Гундяк 308,290
Anat Resman 279,230
Gera 256,753
АнСем 249,049
Maxim Timoshinin 242,841
Лао 229,685
vv.vasily 225,728

Rating Top-10. Chess

Smbat Khojoyan 3835,372
Yuri Kulikov 3005,409
Михаил Попов 2632,317
Грег 2284,821
Oleg Dudnyk 1589,822
evteyev 1494,080
vv.vasily 1396,156
Виталина Житова 775,560
Sergey ***** 742,183
Рома Шипилов 709,186

Rating Top-10. Reversi

technik 891,193
мур мур мяу 600,080
Маньяк 598,682
Julie Julie 536,853
vv.vasily 443,061
ukraine 343,767
Евгения Картавых 299,727
Лукаку бин-Флинт 241,979
Алекс М 212,589
Сергей Блохин 212,447
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iPhone Application Here

The native client to play the club games on iPhone is now available in Apple Appstore! We support the entire range of mobile devices from iPod Touch 1 to iPhone 5. The minimum version of iOS is 3.1. Native clients for Android, as well as computers running Mac OS X and iPad tablets are currently in development stage and will be available soon.


Preferance Pool Calculator Online

To help offline players in preference, we have developed a new service to calculate the game. Just specify in the relevant field values ​​whist, mountains, and pools, and the club accountant will calculate for you the final whists.

"preferance pool calculator online"

2011-10-13 04:33, Comments: 0

Update to 2.4.1

In this update Preference rules are slightly changed. Since today:

  • Totus is available to bid after Misere w/o talon;

  • If totus game was unsuccessfully played (in case of "totus whisting" convention), "raspasovka" no longer interrupted.

We hope these changes will bring the rules of the club to the canonical rules of Preference Game.

2011-08-08 23:14, Comments: 0

Have you prayed tonight, Desdemona?

Today, in a test mode, the club has opened room for the fans of this clever and beautiful game. Reversi (Othello)

Reversi (also marketed by Pressman under the trade name Othello) is a board game involving abstract strategy and played by two players on a board with 8 rows and 8 columns and a set of distinct pieces for each side. Pieces typically are disks with a light and a dark face, each side belonging to one player. The player's goal is to have a majority of their colored pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent's pieces as possible. Please read Rules

2011-06-28 20:21, Comments: 0

Choibolsan State Prize

Choibolsan State Prize

In the hall of fame has a new award. Choibolsan State Prize. This prize is awarded first chess grandmaster club Smbat Khojoyan. Revision worthy holder of the award will be made monthly.

2011-06-26 06:47, Comments: 0

First public Beta release for English-speaking players

Trellis-Club is proud to present it's first public Beta release for English-speaking players.

Trellis-Club is where you can play the game of Preferans with people from all around the globe — absolutely free of charge. No download required, the game supports any modern browser, it works on mobile devices and does not require Flash, Java, Silverlight or alike.

Preferans is a card game that can be played by three or four people. As the saying goes, the biggest problem for Preferans players has always been the third player that is missing. But with Trellis-Club there is always a third player! Thousands of people online are ready to join your game, or you can join theirs.

There are many different flavors of this game — Trellis-Club currently supports all popular Russian Preferans conventions, so even the most sophisticated player will be satisfied.

We keep the score of every game and there's a ladder of players — as in any game of skill it takes an experienced player to get to the top. There are regular tournaments hosted by Trellis-Club — if you're good, please come and prove so, we have tons of prizes for you!

Happy shuffling!

Note: if you speak Russian, please feel free to check out the Russian version of our web site.

2010-10-15 02:57, Comments: 0