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First public Beta release for English-speaking players

Trellis-Club is proud to present it's first public Beta release for English-speaking players.

Trellis-Club is where you can play the game of Preferans with people from all around the globe — absolutely free of charge. No download required, the game supports any modern browser, it works on mobile devices and does not require Flash, Java, Silverlight or alike.

Preferans is a card game that can be played by three or four people. As the saying goes, the biggest problem for Preferans players has always been the third player that is missing. But with Trellis-Club there is always a third player! Thousands of people online are ready to join your game, or you can join theirs.

There are many different flavors of this game — Trellis-Club currently supports all popular Russian Preferans conventions, so even the most sophisticated player will be satisfied.

We keep the score of every game and there's a ladder of players — as in any game of skill it takes an experienced player to get to the top. There are regular tournaments hosted by Trellis-Club — if you're good, please come and prove so, we have tons of prizes for you!

Happy shuffling!

Note: if you speak Russian, please feel free to check out the Russian version of our web site.