The Sims Mobile: Life simulation on your phone, do they mix?

It’s been many years since the Sims came into our lives. These little creatures so close to us offer since the year 2000 a second virtual life to millions of players. With its unique concept, the Maxis series has created a genre in itself that of life simulation. Sometimes imitated, but never equaled, this franchise seems to have reached its limits today. For proof, with each new component, we come out almost the same thing with some changes of angles and DLC moreover. And if the revolution finally came to us? This is what we could expect with the arrival of The Sims Mobile, an album that promises a lot. We walk all day with our little humans in the pocket, is it such a good idea?

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Powerful tools for a smooth gameplay

In our first steps on the Sims Mobile, we quickly find our brands. The system of creating avatars is obviously a little less complete than that of the PC edition. However, the customization options are numerous. Tools to shape the face that suits us, a multitude of hairstyles, clothes and accessories … In short, we have a very powerful system that is limited only by a few restrictions related to a minimum level required for certain outfits. If the creation tool of Sims is relatively close to the one we used to use on PC, the adventure that awaits us now is much more original. We start our little life with a house in pocket that should be cleaned, but also to furnish it. Your avatar is, therefore, asking directly to you for a little help and after few forced clicks, you end up making a small home very nice.

The Sims Mobile Create a Unique Sims

Then it’s time to choose your career and anyway you do not have much choice, you will be a waiter in a cafe, and that’s all. Your first day will also be only clicking, we must select customers and choose how to interact with them (“serve a coffee”, “discuss” …) and ultimately, you will rise in rank and receive a little money. On the side of social interactions, the gameplay is hardly more hectic since you can select a lot of possible actions and from time to time, try something risky that could result in a small disappointment in your interlocutor. And then in order to move to the next stage of a relationship or a career, you have to launch events that will last a good hour or more. However, to save your time, you can help your Sim by doing a lot of clicks here and there to reduce this delays. Obviously, do not hope to speed up the time, this option is not available here.

Gameplay issue, we will also note the important absence of the bars of needs. As a result, the experience offered to us is somewhat simplistic, just launch the application from time to time, perform some actions and that’s it. If it’s all right for a mobile game, we must admit that fans of the simulation and those who hoped to find a little difficulty and freedom will be quickly disappointed. We are extremely guided and the possible interactions are ultimately quite poor. Fortunately, the content is important enough for you to keep playing. You can get married, unlock slots to add more characters to your family, change careers, go to parties, and even expand your home with a damn building tool. Life goes on and even if it loses its charm on mobile, it’s still nice. Also, collections of objects are numerous, as are the quests that are regularly offered over the days. “Change outfit,” “Expand the house,” you see the kind. In the same vein, we find the “list of things to do of the day”, it is about small objectives which perish quickly. In either case, the rewards are the different currencies of the game.

The Sims Mobile Build The Perfect Home

“Give, give, give, God will make you proud!”

Let’s start by putting the points on the “i” for those who have only vaguely heard about this new version of the title invented by Will Wright. This is a free-to-play, which implies that many integrated purchases will be available throughout your adventure and it will be necessary to remain attentive in order to understand the various currencies included in the game. We have the Simoleons that allow you to buy furniture and tickets which used there to move your house, your Sims or your family. On the side of the “Premium”, however, it will be necessary to deal with Simcash that can accelerate almost all interactions, but also to buy more or less directly everything you want. You can imagine, the currency that you can get for real money in the game shop. And as much to say that if you want to have fun for more than an hour a day, you will need it.

The Sims Mobile Store

Because if you can perform actions that do not yield much at will, it is complicated when it is a question of real progress. Indeed, the important acts will use a little of your energy, symbolized by a bar specific to each Sim. Thus, you find yourself quickly dry and at that time, there is not a lot of solutions. You can raise it slightly with a shower and two or three other objects whose use is limited, or use a cupcake that is sold to you for the equivalent of 15 Simcash, about forty cents. No surprise therefore, if you want to progress quickly or play as much as you want, you will need to invest your real money! What do you want is a gameplay typically thought to be pecked in transport, during the lunch break or the evening before bed.

This is a pity since if the experience is often limited to a few clicks, it is obvious that some players would have liked to have fun for several hours in a row. Especially since from a technical point of view, the set is very honest with a realization of good quality and a handling more than correct. We handle the camera without any problem and no bug is to be deplored.


Difficult to advise the Sims Mobile aficionados of the simulation since, if they will find the graphical paw and some typical gaming systems, they may be quickly disappointed by the overall experience. To be honest, it’s more of a “Mobile” game, than a “The Sims” game. The gameplay is often limited to a few clicks without real stakes and the possibility of mismanaging your home does not exist due to the absence of need bars and parasitic events (dismissal, invoices, burglary …). The experience we have is clearly designed for people who prefer to do two or three actions from time to time without taking the lead. Too bad for others. However, we were dealing with a technically very successful app, but which unfortunately fits too much in this logic very “pay-to-progress” that is rampant on mobile.

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Regards, Trellis, See you next time!

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