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Top Tips for Dream League Soccer 2019

There are many games available in soccer and most of them work with both Android and iOS. Majority of the games offer cups and plenty of leagues and they are needed to add up to the trophy cabinet. Among them Dream League Soccer 2019 is the best iOS and Android football game available.

This game comes with best gameplay and 3D graphics. This is well known as original football game which offers best team management. In this game, team management is part of the game and players should build up stadiums as well as strengthen the squads which help them in climbing the leagues. This game can be downloaded from Google play. There are many tips to pay this game and we shall list some of them here.

  • Attacks in play:

Scoring goals is very important in any football, game and hence attaching the play is very important and that only helps in winning the matches. In this Dream League Soccer 2019 Game, A is considered as the primary shooting button. So, one must remember that they should not press this button firmly since that may send shots which blaze over crossbar.

Player should do a light tap of the button and that will make sure those shots in keeping lower.  By doing this, it becomes possible to ensure best shot accuracy as well.

One must also understand that shooing which is outside of the penalty box may get wasted. It is not easy to make the scores which is outside the penalty area in this game when the goal keeper is situated on the goal line. This difficulty is there even in the training mode.

This is the reason one must always stick shooting from the inside the box and that ensures better accuracy in shooting. There is a big advantage of long shots and through this it is possible to win corners.

  • Rainbow kick:

Rainbow kicking is nothing but a handy dribbling move where in player will flick the ball up in air which is over defender. Some of the DLS 19 players always make better use of these rainbow kicks since it helps them in beating the defenders as well as to get clear on the goal.

It is also possible to pull of the rainbow kick through swiping up the center of the phone or tablet when player is running behind the ball.

  • Defend:

To win trophies, one must always think of solid defends and this is very important in DLS 19 game if you are not willing to use Dream League Soccer 2019 hack. B is the button given for standard tackles. But it is also possible to slide tackle by using A button.

Timing is very crucial in tacking and this is a mistimed challenge when we think from central defender. Most of the players choose B button for tackling since they generally treated B as cleaner. It is not a good idea tackle the player from his behind slide tackles which have done from behind, may end up in yellow cards.

In worst case players may also end up in getting red cards. So, one must be very careful and not to pass to other players which are from other teams and present outside as well as within the penalty box when clearing happens.

It is important that players should always watch where they are passing especially when they are making shot passes which is out of the penalty line.

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