What do I know about Coin Master Tricks?

Best things about Coin Master

Coin Master is one among the popular and trending games we have today. This game is developed by a company named Moon Active. Coin Master is available on iOS, Android, and even on Facebook.

There are a lot of people who have become the fan of this game. If followed the guide and right tricks and tips, it is possible to play this game easily.

Here are some tips for this game from me.

All about Coin Master

This game comes with a great graphic and it succeeds in convincing all the potential players that this game is most suitable for kids. But this not true, this game can be played by any person who is of any age.

This is not a technical game and it doesn’t demand much skills. Coin Master can be considered as relaxing and fun game and can be played anytime and anywhere. This game never demands too much focus and concentration from the players.

Only thing they should remember is coins must be utilized properly and they must be well used for things like construction of the village.

How to play Coin Master

On the screen player will get a virtual slot machine. Below this, player can see a red button which should be pressed. Every time player presses this red button, there will be a slot machine which will show some combination of 3 objects.

Each and every combination is unique and that comes with particular reward. In case if he gets three identical objects, then player will get good rewards.

Primary elements

The first element that should be considered is 3 shields. Players should understand that, like he gets the opportunity to attack someone, others too get similar opportunity to attack him.

In this case player should concentrate on protecting the village and this should be given highest priority. In case if he gets the right shield, then he can be sure that he will not get harmed by the next attack. If in case, someone attacks him, the shield will get broken at first and this will protect other materials present in the village.

In case if the player has 3 shield already and he gets a new shield, new shield will not be wasted. At this point, players will get a new spin. Soon after the successful attack, players who are not using Coin Master hack are rewarded with coins.

Other element which should be considered here is 3 robber pigs. This will be definitely exciting and funny. In case if the player gets combination of three pigs, this means that player will be going on the land which belongs to other person.

This will give chance to the player to rob others treasures. Players are indicated with four marks on others land and player will be given chance to begin any three of these dots.

Out of 4, one dot will not have any coins. If the player is lucky enough then, he may get coins in all the three dots he chose and this is considered as a perfect raid. But he must remember here that similar thing may happen for his land as well and he should always be ready for this since this is something unavoidable.

Once he gets into this game, he becomes the player it is not possible to escape from these chances where he gets robbed.

If this game will like to me, I will make another, more accurate review for Coin Master 😉 See you!

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